Works. Looks. Feels. Magic

Experience coffee in a new way

Discover the colourful world of great coffee with all your senses. Super easy and stress free at your home. With intuitive design, with smart technology, with your nunc. Because that’s what we built it for. Immerse yourself with us.

DreamTeam: Grinder, machine and coffee go hand in hand

The technology makes the magic. The design makes the difference.

*Illustrations on this website show a pre-production model. Design and functions of the final product may vary.

The design speaks a clear language: Yours.

Carefully selected materials, well thought-out details and intuitive operation turn every coffee ritual into an experience - between you and your nunc.

The grinder adjusts the grind size and coffee automatically.

It starts at your touch. Perfect milk foam, magically easy.

Single, double or triple shot? Your nunc. recognizes it all by itself.

Smart Hopper: change coffee in seconds.

Watch how your nunc. controls pressure, flow and temperature all by itself.

The best coffee of your life. Every day.

Perfect barista coffee. Just the way you like it. With nunc. you take the shortcut. We call it: the nunc. success guarantee.

And by the way:

Your nunc. gets better with every cup.

Your taste thanks to IoT and AI
This means that nunc. uses intelligent connected software to adapt to your environment and your preferences. And to make your coffee even more incredible every day.
Your recipes. Your taste.
To die for - or would you like it a little fruitier next time? Your nunc. remembers what you like. For coffee enjoyment as individual as your fingerprint.
Developed by experts. For you.
The know-how of world-class baristas, professional roasters and thousands of cups of coffee - it's all in the recipes of your nunc. and you can taste it.

Technology to fall in love with.

We have taken high-tech to the next level. Revolutionarily simple. Revolutionarily sustainable. To see, taste and feel. Experience it for yourself.


With the patented nunc. system, changing beans is child's play - after every shot. The new coffee is recognized automatically. Also in decaf.


Your nunc. is always awake immediately. So that you can be too. Morning, noon and night. Thanks to InstantOn, the nunc. saves energy and is always ready.


The grinder and machine don't just look good together. They like each other. They are team players. They talk to each other and learn from each other. They exchange ideas. So that you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.


Recognizes the coffee and adjusts everything precisely. Water quantity, temperature, pressure, flow profile. So every shot is a success.


Always the exact dose with automatic grind size adjustment, without weighing or manual setting.

nunc. App

First of all: you don't need an app to make coffee! With the app, you can discover and explore the story behind your coffee. Customize the recipes to your taste. Learn more about coffee. Order the best coffees with one click. Tip the farmers directly.


Colour Dual Grey, powder coated
Length, width, height 332 x 286 x 315 mm
Voltage, frequency, wattage 230V, 50Hz, max. 3'680W
Material body Stainless steel
Watertank 4l
Basket size Double 18 g, Single 10 g
Steam wand Cool-Touch with 3-hole-tip
Portafilter Stainless steel with wooden handle
Heating time Less than 1 minute
Display Touch-Display, 2.5"
Connectivity WIFI and Bluetooth
Net weight 13.8 kg
Colour Dual Grey, powder coated
Length, width, height (incl. hopper) 271 x 150 x 405 mm
Burrs ø 64 mm (stainless steel)
Grinding type Single dosing, grind-by-weight
Voltage, frequency, wattage 230V, 50Hz, max. 3'680W
Grinder settings stepless
Material body Stainless steel
Auto-start Grinding starts automatically when the portafilter is inserted
Connectivity Automatically connected to the machine via Bluetooth
Net weight 6.6 kg

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