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glowing beach glowing beach
Flavor details

Balanced and smooth.

A creamy and warm flavor profile with notes of chocolate and caramel. The perfect all-rounder for espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and anything else you can imagine.

chocolate caramel

glowing beach

120 g

Balanced and smooth.

With success guarantee
roaring volcano roaring volcano
Flavor details

Powerful and charismatic.

Strong, intense and with plenty of roast aromas - just like how you might know espresso from a vacation in Italy. With a full body and intense flavors of dark chocolate and brown spices.

dark chocolate brown spices smoky

roaring volcano

120 g

Powerful and charismatic.

With success guarantee
vibrant jungle vibrant jungle
Flavor details

Fruity and extraordinary.

The coffee for explorers: as lightly roasted as only nunc. can brew it. The fruity aromas are reminiscent of berries and stone fruits - for all those who want to try something completely new.

stone fruits berries

vibrant jungle

120 g

Fruity and extraordinary.

With success guarantee
calm lake (decaf) calm lake (decaf)
Flavor details

The gentle coffee delight.

Probably the tastiest decaf of all time, gently decaffeinated using the Mountain-Water-Process. Full-bodied, balanced and with flavors of honey. Tastes excellent as an espresso and is particularly popular in a flat white. This is caffeine-free, without compromise.

red apple milk chocolate honey

calm lake (decaf)

120 g

Decaffeinated and gentle.

Put it on and start brewing.

With the nunc. success guarantee it was never easier to change beans. Whether you're drinking a coffee for the first time or keep switching between roasts. Thanks to the Pro-Barista recipes, the coffee always comes out perfectly right away, without wasting a single bean.
*Coffee is a natural product. The selection of the beans, the roasting process and the prices can change due to varying raw material prices and availability on the world market.

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Coffee is always about people - from the farmer to the roaster to you. That's why we source our coffees directly and through partners who work in harmony with nature and share our goals: first-class quality, freshness, consistency, honest and sustainable prices and practiced transparency. At Lake Constance, together with our partner roasters and with the support of professional baristas, we ensure that the quality ends up in your cup.

Coen van Sprang

Head of Coffee @ nunc.

Dutch Barista Champion 2x🥇🇳🇱

Experienced coffee roaster 🧠☕️

Q Grader 👄🔬

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Experience first-class quality, freshness and taste in every cup. Your journey to exquisite coffee enjoyment starts here.

Every coffee has an origin and a history

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of coffee and learn all about its unique origins, the different growing regions as well as the people and the craft behind each bean. The best thing: If you like your coffee, you can thank the farmers directly via the nunc. app to say thank you: Yapa!

Choose recipes from professional roasters and baristas

At nunc., professional baristas and master roasters collaborate to create the perfect recipes for each of our beans - with success guarantee, of course. Discover exclusive recommendations from professional roasters and baristas to enhance your home barista setup to perfection. Get to know new flavors, roast profiles and preparation methods and enjoy coffee on the next level.

Tap into your personal map of great taste

Get an overview with nunc. Explore the different nunc. roasts and their aromas, acidity levels and body strengths and find your own personal coffee taste by expanding your flavor map bit by bit. Start a new adventure of coffee enjoyment.

Tweak it how you like it - refine your own taste

Explore a rich variety of flavor nuances and experiment to find your perfect coffee. From strong and earthy to smooth and fruity - the art of coffee enjoyment is in your hands, ready to be discovered by you.

Any questions?

nunc. guarantees you perfect coffee with a "success guarantee", whether strong espresso or decaffeinated coffee. Together with farmers, roasters and baristas, we have developed special recipes for every bean and roast. These are set automatically when you use nunc. certified coffee. With MagicShot, we combine sensor data and machine learning for perfect shots without effort. So you can enjoy effortlessly. Oh, and because it's so innovative, we've patented it.

nunc. coffee is fairer, better and cheaper. But how is that possible? We work directly with the farmers and local roasters and we ship the coffee directly to you. And because we don't pack the coffee in tiny capsule portions, but use 100% recyclable packages with 120-140g of freshly roasted beans, there is much less waste. In fact, there is no "waste." Sounds good? It is!

With nunc. you have the choice. Depending on coffee availability and how "special" you want your coffee to be. We start from 25 EUR / kg* (original capsule coffee from the market leader starts at 60 EUR/kg).

* Price may increase until market launch if, for example, green coffee prices change.

Yes. We love a delicious cappuccino. And americano. And flat whites, mmmmhmm. We could go on like this forever. And with the nunc. 'Magic Milk' steam system, it's child's play 🪄 You get the perfect coffee shot prepared and milk steamed, automatically, if you want. Oat milk, almond milk, cow's milk, just as you like it. With the microfoam milk texture for your own latte art Monet, -Van Gogh or -Picasso.🎨☕️

Our goal is to make the colourful world of coffee easily accessible to you and all coffee lovers at home - fair, transparent and always from the farm to the cup 🌍 ☕️.

  1. 1. nunc. is your ecosystem for the best coffee with success guarantee. We have spent years coordinating every piece of the puzzle together with engineers, software developers, world-class baristas and roasters. We are in direct contact with farmers all over the world and are regularly on site. And we have tried out hundreds of recipes and fine-tuned and adjusted everything meticulously. For what? To make it magically easy for you to drink great coffee at home.
  2. 2. To start with, we have 7+ coffee varieties that have been developed with professional baristas and roasters. This range will be constantly expanded so that you can discover your taste even more and together we can expand your map of coffee flavours (from nutty, dark chocolate to milk chocolate, dried fruit, etc.). If you like.
  3. 3. Other roasters and coffees will be included. We hope you understand that we only include coffee beans for you and thousands of coffee lovers in the community for nunc. where the quality, origin and transparent, fair payment of the farmers is guaranteed without compromise.
  4. 4. And what if I want to use my own roast? Then that is technically also possible on the nunc. Even very well. You can use your own beans in Pro Mode - although without nunc. success guarantee and without Smart Subscription (both will be published here on the website soon).