How it works.

Welcome, barista! You choose your coffee. Your nunc. sets everything up perfectly for you. Fancy the best cappuccino in town? Let's go.


Choose your favourite roast

Pick a roast from your nunc. delivery. Italian chocolatey? Or maybe something more fruity? Decaf in the evening? There's just the right flavour for your personal taste.

Coffee in SmartHopper

Let the wonderfully fragrant roast of fresh coffee beans glide gently into one of your SmartHoppers (that's the transparent container on top of the grinder).

Put on the SmartHopper

Your nunc. automatically recognizes the coffee. If there is a new recipe for the roast, it is loaded directly from the nunc. cloud.

Quick alignment

Your nunc. is InstantOn, without the hassle of waiting. The grinder, machine and coffee are directly connected via Bluetooth and NFC technology.

Choose your taste

For each coffee, you can select different recipes to suit your taste. The nunc. sets all parameters perfectly for you (grind size, dosing quantity, pressure, flow, temperature, etc.).

Weighing, grinding, tamping

With MagicGrind, the grind size is set automatically, the beans are weighed precisely and are ground into the portafilter. You tamp the espresso and insert the portafilter into the brewing group.

Your perfect shot

With MagicShot, the nunc. automatically sets all brewing parameters (such as temperature, extraction, pressure, flow) and monitors your coffee with the help of sensors and AI during the brewing process. So you can relax and enjoy the best coffee.

Choose the milk you like

Every milk is different. Oat milk, cow's milk, almond milk - the nunc. steams them perfectly and, if you wish, automatically to the right consistency and temperature.

Your milk always succeeds

Place the milk in the jug under the steam wand and off you go. The nunc. does the rest with plenty of power, feeling and MagicMilk technology. Milk foam like a pro barista. And cleaning? Simply wipe the steam wand with a wet cloth and you're done.

And that's it!

Pour the foamed milk into the cup and your cappuccino is ready. If you need a little more help, you can find your personal latte art instructions from a Barista Champion in the nunc. app.

Do you like discovering new things?

Good idea! Simply change the SmartHopper and discover a different coffee. Without manually changing settings. We look forward to bringing the colourful world of coffee to your home to explore.