From coffee lovers,
for coffee lovers.

We love great coffee – and the people, the craft, the culture behind it. That's exactly why we developed nunc. So that you can finally discover the colorful world of coffee without a barista diploma and enjoy really good coffee at home. Simple, smart, sustainable and fair. For you. And everyone who loves great coffee.

From the farm
to the cup

Good coffee starts on the farm. That's why we maintain close relationships with the farmers, guarantee fairness and transparency along the entire value chain and bring the best beans to your home. Without any detours.

Come closer to the origins of exceptional coffee with us: We personally select the best green coffees for you, in Nicaragua and around the world.

Yapa! Give something back to
the farmers by tipping them

Without intermediaries,
directly to you


We asked ourselves: How should you do it if you want it to be really good? And then we just did it.

Packaging that preserves flavor – and is good for the planet. Completely recyclable, guilt-free.

Very straightforward: The nunc. flavor packaging can be entirely recycled in the waste paper cycle. If packaged, only like that.

We only use high-end components and make no compromises regarding longevity. So that you never have to go without good coffee again.

Designed in Europe, produced in Switzerland, patented for perfect coffee enjoyment worldwide.

Innovative technology, intuitive design, intelligent data and perfect taste. In the first fully connected IoT coffee ecosystem, nunc. brings the best of all worlds together.

Lifelong updates, new features automatically "over the air", recipes as individual as your fingerprint. Artificial intelligence makes it possible. Human intelligence makes it unique.

Do you want to learn more about the future of the coffee world?

In the Coffea Futurica Podcast, nunc. founder Dominik talks about our CoffeeTech approach and how it will change the world of coffee.

Teamwork makes the nunc. work

What do a rocket scientist, a two-time barista champion, an engineer, a designer and an IoT expert have in common? They joined forces in the nunc. team to finally make first-class coffee at home easily accessible. And to sustainably inspire the world of coffee – from both the taste and human perspective.

Super development partners are our superpower.

Unser Design Powerhouse

Mit mehr als 30 Jahren Erfahrung in Design, Innovation und magischer User Experience unterstützt uns PHOENIX vom ersten Tag an.

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Design & User Experience


Engineering & Industrialisation

Swiss Factory Group


Unsere IoT-Meister

Mit umfassender Erfahrung im Embedded IoT Development bringt uns kumkeo die Innovation und technologische Exzellenz in jede Tasse Kaffee.

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Embedded IoT Development

rmb Holland

Product Development

Unser Tech Builder

Als führender Anbieter von digitalen Ökosystemen und IoT-Konzepten, designt und implementiert Yukawa unsere smarte Softwarearchitektur.

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Digital Ecosystem Development