Great. Espresso.
For everyone.

Your favorite coffee. In the best place.

Perfect espresso at your home. No dial-in needed.

Imagine making your favorite Espresso, Cappuccino, Flat White, Americano or Ristretto at home. Perfectly prepared, like a professional barista. Without capsule waste. Without preheating, setting the grinder or stopping time. The nunc. allows you to make portafilter coffee easy, so you have time to enjoy the moment with all your senses.

Switch coffee beans. Supafast.

The best thing that can happen to a freshly roasted bean! With your nunc. you can have as much variety with your coffee as you like. Only available with capsule machines? With your nunc., this now also works for whole beans! Freshly ground, fair, transparent and straight from the farm to your cup.

Your taste. Your joy. Your nunc.

Do you like your espresso strong and chocolaty like on the piazza in Venice? Or rather a modern flat white, fruity like in your favorite café around the corner? And would you prefer decaffeinated in the afternoon so that you can sleep well at night? Your taste, your choice.

Works. Looks.
Feels. Magic

The best coffee,
at your home.

Fair and sustainable. From farm to the cup. This is how drinking coffee should be today.

Discover recommendations and recipes.

Our professional baristas and roasters develop recipes for fresh beans from all over the world: your nunc. translates the full taste of freshly roasted whole beans into your cup for you.

Find your personal taste.

No matter whether you're a newbie or a nerd: your taste counts, not what others think. With every cup you and your nunc. become even better together.

Learn more about the origin of each bean.

Every coffee has its story: Do you like it? Then give something back to the coffee farmers, a tip directly to the source of the good coffee. As we were able to learn on site from our partners in South America: “Yapa!”

Your perfect foam
for each milk.

Oat, soy, almond, MagicMilk! Your nunc. makes barista milk foam easy with you. If you want, automatically while brewing.

Dein Profi-Barista. Für zu Hause.

Sei eine*r der Ersten und hol' Dir Deine nunc. im exklusiven Vorverkauf. Lieferung ab Sommer 2024.