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We listened to you and here are the most frequently asked questions and answers.

nunc. guarantees you perfect coffee with a "success guarantee", whether strong espresso or decaffeinated coffee. Together with farmers, roasters and baristas, we have developed special recipes for every bean and roast. These are set automatically when you use nunc. certified coffee. With MagicShot, we combine sensor data and machine learning for perfect shots without effort. So you can enjoy effortlessly. Oh, and because it's so innovative, we've patented it.

Your nunc. is awake faster than you are. We have developed nunc. so that it is ready for your first morning coffee in less than 60 seconds. We call this InstantOn. And that also means that we don't waste energy heating it up, as conventional portafilter machines often do. By the way: the nunc. switches off automatically and helps you save energy when it's not in use. So it is always available. That's smart. And good for our planet 🌎🌱.

First of all: you don't need an app to prepare your favorite coffee. The manual operation and the artisanal ritual remain completely natural. You can use the nunc. app to learn the exciting story about the coffee you drink and the farm, to customize the recipes to your personal taste profile, to discover new types of coffee, to get barista tips, to learn new barista skills, to order new coffee to your home with one click. Quite a lot for a small app.

Our goal is to make the colourful world of coffee easily accessible to you and all coffee lovers at home - fair, transparent and always from the farm to the cup 🌍 ☕️.

  1. 1. nunc. is your ecosystem for the best coffee with success guarantee. We have spent years coordinating every piece of the puzzle together with engineers, software developers, world-class baristas and roasters. We are in direct contact with farmers all over the world and are regularly on site. And we have tried out hundreds of recipes and fine-tuned and adjusted everything meticulously. For what? To make it magically easy for you to drink great coffee at home.
  2. 2. To start with, we have 7+ coffee varieties that have been developed with professional baristas and roasters. This range will be constantly expanded so that you can discover your taste even more and together we can expand your map of coffee flavours (from nutty, dark chocolate to milk chocolate, dried fruit, etc.). If you like.
  3. 3. Other roasters and coffees will be included. We hope you understand that we only include coffee beans for you and thousands of coffee lovers in the community for nunc. where the quality, origin and transparent, fair payment of the farmers is guaranteed without compromise.
  4. 4. And what if I want to use my own roast? Then that is technically also possible on the nunc. Even very well. You can use your own beans in Pro Mode - although without nunc. success guarantee and without Smart Subscription (both will be published here on the website soon).

Yes. We love a delicious cappuccino. And americano. And flat whites, mmmmhmm. We could go on like this forever. And with the nunc. 'Magic Milk' steam system, it's child's play 🪄 You get the perfect coffee shot prepared and milk steamed, automatically, if you want. Oat milk, almond milk, cow's milk, just as you like it. With the microfoam milk texture for your own latte art Monet, -Van Gogh or -Picasso.🎨☕️

Markus, Marius and Dominik had the idea for nunc. in 2020. The company Next Level Coffee GmbH was then founded in Constance on Lake Constance in 2021. This is also where you can find the company with nunc. Labs where you can visit us for a coffee on beautiful Lake Constance at any time. Since its foundation, we have developed nunc. with over 100 experts and have been able to take great people on the journey to coffee. We look forward to taking you on board.

nunc. coffee is fairer, better and cheaper. But how is that possible? We work directly with the farmers and local roasters and we ship the coffee directly to you. And because we don't pack the coffee in tiny capsule portions, but use 100% recyclable packages with 120-140g of freshly roasted beans, there is much less waste. In fact, there is no "waste." Sounds good? It is!

With nunc. you have the choice. Depending on coffee availability and how "special" you want your coffee to be. We start from 25 EUR / kg* (original capsule coffee from the market leader starts at 60 EUR/kg).

* Price may increase until market launch if, for example, green coffee prices change.

As a customer, you have a legal 14-day right of cancellation. We are absolutely convinced that you will never want to be without nunc. again. If you are still not 100% convinced, we also offer an extended 100-day return guarantee.

The nunc. is currently manufactured in Switzerland🇨🇭👩🏻‍🏭 and the majority of the value creation takes place in Switzerland. We want as much local added value as possible and therefore work closely with great partners that we know personally. This is why we have developed the nunc. over several years together with our partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. We develop some high-tech components (such as the nunc. electronics) or purchased parts (such as the pumps) in-house and they are manufactured for us by our partners in Italy or Asia. Quality is our top priority and we are constantly working to keep the added value in Germany and Switzerland.👩🏻‍🏭

Your nunc. has the barista built-in: The grinder automatically identifies the coffee and adjusts the grind size and quantity. It also whispers to the machine via Bluetooth which temperature, pressure/flow and extraction time it should start. They also talk about the weather and the age of the beans. Seriously, because then the grinding degree has to be set differently. The nunc. does this for you. So that you can relax and enjoy.

We are very pleased that your coffee from your fully automatic machine tastes so good. With nunc. we want to make it easy for you to discover different coffees. Maybe you'd like to try a decaf in the afternoon or a funky, fruity espresso from a Berlin specialty roaster. This is very easy with the nunc. and you can change the type of bean from shot to shot. And with the quality you know from your favorite café.

We plan to deliver the 3rd batch from early 2025, possibly earlier. We make no compromises when it comes to product quality and user experience – if the situation arises that the delivery time might change, we will let you know well in advance.